A cargo terminal is cargo in, cargo out. Or so, at least, it is in most cases

Cargo Center Billund is thinking out of the box to come up with more value adding services under the concept Outsourcing.
-We just wouldn’t be without it, says a satisfied forwarder.

-We have worked with Cargo Center Billunds Outsourcing for many years, but from end of last year we closed down our own warehouse, moving all handling activities to Outsourcing. We just wouldn’t be without it today! says Mads Andersen, Kuehne & Nagel National Airfreight Manager – Export.
-With full IT integration, Outsourcing grants us full flexibility, top quality, and our colleagues at other stations just envy us. Today, we do not see the physical shipments anymore; they are trucked directly into Outsourcing where staff takes care of every detail from control of packaging, screening, weighing, labeling and what not, up to and including delivery ready for carriage. Small shipments, perishables, or large machinery parts – Outsourcing is really our eyes and hands in the warehouse.
-Having abolished our own warehouse, we are in it with Outsourcing with a long-term perspective. Besides the obvious gains in quality and ease of handling, results show positively on the bottom-line. We pay per kilo, and costs are fair. The next issue to tackle will be the implementation of e-AWB but I trust this will also eventually be smooth sailing, says Mr. Andersen.
Exports and all that…
On the export side, Outsourcing offers a range of value added services including receiving goods directly from the shipper, controlling, checking and signing for acceptance.
-We print labels, mark the shipments, ensure correct security status and deliver the shipments ready for carriage to the airlines. Shippers do not even have to crate the goods themselves – we tailor the packaging to comply with all rules pertaining to “ready for carriage”, says Jan Ditlevsen, Billund Airport VP Cargo. Outsourcing handles also temperature-sensitive shipments, as well as working with Dangerous Goods in a cooperation with DGM.
-Among the latest additions to our capabilities is the installation of an X-ray scanner dedicated solely to customers with Outsourcing, and securing immediate access to security screening. No queuing up here..


Imports – and much more…
-For imports, we split consignments according to H-AWB, order numbers, colors or whatever parameters the customer sets, and import shipments can then be handed out based on the criteria selected. We also mark shipments for onward distribution, says Mr. Ditlevsen.
-Basically, we act as a logistics center as well, pick&pack and forward incoming shipments to end receivers based on data provided by the agent. Thus, the agent will actually never see the shipments himself, leaving all transactions to Outsourcing based on contract and set specs.
Customers are the key driver
-Driving the development is one source only: the individual customer’s needs, says Mr. Ditlevsen. We provide the full range of cargo handling services all the way to, from and between aircraft and trucks. We do provide “normal” terminal handling – but we have built a full and growing package of services on top of this, both for import and export shipments – for that’s what customers increasingly need.
–Outsourcing is capable of integrating on all IT platforms and communicate flawlessly with all parties involved as the agent needs. So let’s go for the future, building the traditional cargo terminal into a true e-warehouse!
Cargo Center Billunds Outsourcing Department works 24/7/365 offering the services of 30 staff with 3,800 sq.m. at its disposal.


Know more:
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