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Cargo Center Billund

At Billund Airport, Cargo Center Billund offers you a short-cut to a catchment area comprising dynamic business regions in Northern Germany and Scandinavia.

Connected by a growing offering of air services and a tight network of scheduled road feeder services to airports in all major European markets, Cargo Center Billund will serve you well as a prime interface to air cargo import, export and transfer services.

The cargo terminals of Cargo Center Billund are situated directly adjoining the airside tarmac with abundant cargo aircraft parking stands within immediate reach.

Cargo Center Billund offers you aircraft and cargo handling charges that compare most favourably with other airports to provide customers with value for money.

Cargo Center Billund is fully equipped with facilities for handling any type of shipments, including general cargo, special cargo such as temperature-sensitive shipments, shipments requiring cooling/freezing, perishables, dangerous cargo, VALS, live animals and
…Our key workers are comprised by recurrent training programs and certified according to Lufthansa Cargo standards.

Cargo Center Billund is equipped with state-of-the-art IT systems and tools, such as Cargospot.
The operating hours of Cargo Center Billund are 24/7(Saturday closed from 2300hrs until Sunday 1100hrs).

Cargo Center Billund is dedicated to serving our customers with tailor-made solutions based on many years of solid experience and passionate air cargo professionals.
Most Danish airfreight forwarders, GSAs and many airlines are localised around Cargo Center Billund, constituting an efficient and professional cargo community.

For prices, services and more details – do not hesitat to call us.

Tonny Hansen
Costumer Service Manager
Tlf. +45 76 50 51 67


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